Event request questionnaire

It’s great that you’re interested in making simultaneous interpretation a part of your event!

If you want us to support your event, you simply have to send us an email  at

bla [at] inventati.org

There’s a couple of things we’d like to know, for organizational matters, so things will go a lot faster if you answer the following questions in your email.

Giving complete answers to every question is not essential for the first contact, but the more you answer the better we can check if we are available to meet your needs


  • When and where does the event take place?
  • What kind of event is it, what happens during the event? Please give some short explanations and a homepage/blog address (providing duration, its purpose, what kind of activities are practiced)
  • How many people do you expect?
  • Do you already know how and where to get interpreters?
  • From and into which languages will you need interpretation? How many language groups will there be?
  • How many people are there roughly in any of these language groups?
  • Is there one language that will be spoken by a relatively large group of participants or will the language groups be around the same size?
  • In what language(s) can we communicate with the people who organise the event?
  • Will there be a need for interpretation material in several rooms at the same time? Up to how many rooms? (Rooms means every setting where you want interpretation, if you have 10 workshops, some indoors, some outdoors, that would be 10 rooms.)
  • What kind of infrastructure is there in terms of rooms where you want interpretation? Housing or tents or other?
  • How far is the distance between these different rooms where you want interpretation? How big are the rooms?
  • Is it possible to park close to the venue? (to load and unload the equipment)
  • Is electricity available? From what source? Is it a grounded system?
  • Can you provide a mixing table, a PA or sound system and the necessary cables with it?
  • Do you have issues with us using short-distance radio frequencies to transmit the simultaneous interpretation?
  • Can you offer food (vegan!) and accommodation for BLA members during the event? What kind of accommodation?
  • Do you offer to pay at least for traveling costs for BLA members and equipment and a sum for the wear of the equipment?

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!